An Obsessed Fangirl (aminuleen) wrote in the_unexplained,
An Obsessed Fangirl

New Here

Hi my names Chantell, I'm 22 and I just joined this community. Anyway. Here's a story I'd like to share. My dad told me this when I was little.
He said it felt like an outer body expierance.

He was resting on the couch in the living room of my childhood home, which was his as well. He suddenly felt like his spirit left his body. He said it felt like he was inbetween R.E.M Sleep and the waking world at the same time. He walked out onto our front pourch where there was a big bush on the side as you would look out into the veiw, but it wasn't in his vision. Then three years later my grampa cuts down the bush. Coincidence?

As the expeirance contiued my dad looked up into the sky as three
F-Fourteens flew over our house. This was, if I remember correctly, ten years before he saw them on the news. Coincidence?

This next vision freaks me out as I think about how the world is today. As he stared up into the sky there was a sudden bright flash as if the force of a dozen Atomic bombs went off at the same time. The sky turned white and then dark. My dad walked back into the living and it felt like his spirit just re-entered his body. Then he woke up.

Man, I just gave myself chills. *Shiver*

What's your take on this? I'd really like to know.
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Everyone's going to die.
The bush I'd chalk up to coincidence.

The planes, I'm not so sure. Did you mean he saw them in his vision before that model was made, or at least before images of that model were widely available?

I wouldn't worry about the last one, as far as it being some sort of prediction. Humanity might blow itself up, it might not. It could've just been his mind trying to make sense of the out of body experience, like symbolism in a dream or something.
Yeah. He saw them in his vision before images of that model were widely available. I hope your right about the last vision.
He said it felt like he was inbetween R.E.M Sleep and the waking world at the same time.

I'd call that a clue.


March 20 2008, 22:16:27 UTC 9 years ago

aww. daddy would be so proud of his "little boysie woysie".
You obviously don't know my dad.

And what's with the attitude, anyway?


March 21 2008, 08:14:58 UTC 9 years ago

like father, like son, eh?

my attitude is governed by your behavior little one. always was.
Okay, uh,
1.) who are you, and
2.) what the hell are you talking about?
Hi I'm new here too!!!
Sounds like your dad had an involuntary astral projection and the 14 actually add's to 5 which is a multiple of 10^^;; and numerology is pretty freaky
so basically his higher self gave him a premonition
I'd say! I still get freaked out when I think about it. *Shiver*. I just hope the last vision doesn't come true, but the way the worlds been lately, you just never know. I'm just hoping for the best.

I got your message and absolutly. You can friend me. I love the X files and can't wait for the next movie! If I havn't accepted the inventation right away, don't worry. I will when I can. I just have limited internet accsess now. It sucks!
I hope your dad is having some peace over it right now! I agree the world has gotten super scary in the past few years. Hopefully if anything ever goes down (What i dont know lol ) all the good people will ban together!

I'm so excited for the X files!! I loved your icons There awesome!!

Yeah my net stinks too, it boots me left and right LOL

Talk gain friend me whenever you want! Thanks Im happy to have ya on my list!!
My names Sharon btw
wow that gives me shivers too..
It sounds like he had a premonition of a nuclear holocaust.
Thats really unnerving. =/