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UFO's, Aliens, Sightings, The Unknown.....'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
UFO's, Aliens, Sightings, The Unknown.....

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Monster Mondays: The Mysterious Lemur Boy of Qatar [27 Apr 2009|06:31pm]

Today's Dapper Cadaver Monster Monday comes from a hot tip that came out just this weekend. The English language "Gulf Times" ran a translation of a Qatar story that featured this creepy photo, and the following text

"A mysterious figure resembling a human being was sighted on the Doha Corniche’s parking lot, according to a report published in a local Arabic daily.
The report is based on the statement of an Arab expatriate lady who said she had seen the strange figure near the Oryx statue while walking in the area.
Quoting the woman, the daily said she took a picture of it in spite of being terribly frightened.
“She was very soon surrounded by a large number of people who also attested to the fact of what she had seen . But it suddenly disappeared out of their sight when they tried to go near it,” the report added."

Some have speculated it's an escaped Aye-Aye, a kind of hideous lemur native to Madagascar but known to have hilarious adventures adventures in other parts of the world thanks to their anthropomorphic penguin pals.

Or is the creature a Canadian made genetically engineered living toy? Find out after the cut
Click Here

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Monster Mondays - Dolichocephaloids [02 Mar 2009|07:27pm]


Todays Monster Monday from Dapper Cadaver travels down the spine of the Americas to Peru, circa 2000 years ago for a kind of person bizarre and real, the Dolichocephaloids or Peruvian Coneheads. There is currently a video going around getting a lot of attention saying they were found in Siberia. This video is wrong, they are from Peru.

What we do know about the Dolichocephaloids is limited, what we believe about them is vast, and what we don't know about them is enormous.

What we do know - These guys had really long squash shaped heads. They were human. They lived in Peru roughly 2000 years ago. There were a lot of them.

Most had brains the same size as other humans (1400-1600cc) others had larger brains, up to 2000cc or 2 liters. If you want to experience how much larger that is get a human skull and fill the brain case up with soda. Empty a whole 2 liter bottle. Whatever spills on your desk is how much bigger their brains are then ours.

More info, theories, and photos after the jump

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Monster Mondays: Too Many Bigfoots [22 Sep 2008|07:44pm]


yeti-sasquatch_low, originally uploaded by Boju.

Dapper Cadaver is going to to be visited by the Believe It Tour on Friday, Sept 26th as part of their ongoing quest to teach and learn about the all mysterious of the universe, but mainly Bigfoot.

In honor of the ambassadors of Sasquatch, I'm using Monster Mondays to shine some light on the whole Bigfoot clan. Cause there's lots of bigfoots, or bigfeet as their known to "science."

Think you can tell a wookie from Harry and The Hendersons? Take this quiz and find out. I'll send something weird to the first person who get all the bigfoots correctly identified.

1. This Bigfoot lives in Brittish Columbia. It is 12 feet tall with bizarre long arms that end in yellow paddles. Unlike most apes, it only has 4 toes on its feet.

Bigfoots 2 -12 after the jump

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Monster Mondays: Chupacabra [18 Aug 2008|08:48pm]


4 ft chupacabra 2, originally uploaded by Boju. This is a prop chupacabra I built for a freak show.

As part of the Dapper Cadaver Blog's Monster Mondays project today I bring you another cryptid on the brink of being real - The Chupacabra, or in Spanish, El Chupacabra.

The Chupcabra has only been with us a little over 10 years, being named in Puerto Rico in 1995. It was described as a reptilian or alien looking bipedal creature with huge eyes, a round head, and spikes down it's back. But the Puerto Rican Chupe bears little resemblance to the globe trotting hairless vampire dog thats been seen from Chile to Maine, and even Russia. Our Chupacabra haunts mostly Mexico and Texas, where its described as a hairless kangaroo-dog with spikes down it's back, or just an ugly wrinkled hairless dog, with a huge muzzle, and saber-like fangs. They can travel by running or hopping. I wonder if the hopping may be due to injury or disease? From the Russian Chupacabra of 2006 "“It’s definitely a chupacabra! It has small front and large hind paws. To begin with the animal was walking on four legs, stood on its hind legs at the water, lifting up its long tail, and then started jumping like a kangaroo,” he says. In May Dmitry is determined to seek out the Russian chupacabra along with colleagues from the Ural Ufology Monitoring Station."

In Texas multiple corpses have been recovered, centered around Cuero Texas, and most recently a video of a Chupe running down the street looking a lot like a mexican hairless. DNA evidence shows it to be closely related to, or a diseased, domestic dog or coyote.

If we drop the name Chupacabra from this tale, which is a completely different looking Puerto Rican monster that also sucks the blood of livestock, then the story gets older, and more interesting. The earliest "Chupacabra" attack I could find is in England nearly 200 years ago.

It goes something like this - "In the month of May, 1810, something appeared at Ennerdale, near the border of England and Scotland, and killed sheep, not devouring them, sometimes seven or eight of them in a night, but biting into the jugular vein and sucking the blood....Upon the 12th of September, someone saw a dog in a cornfield, and shot it. It is said that this dog was the marauder, and that with its death the killing of sheep stopped" -Charles Fort

Charles Fort then recounts of another Vampire Dog attack in Ireland in 1847, likening them to vampire bats, but finding it difficult to believe dogs can be vampires. As with the Chupacabra, the livestock was killed and drained of blood, but the body left in tact. When giant canine tracks were discovered near the kill sites, locals began shooting stray dogs on sight. During this wave of attacks several people were attacked an bitten by the vampire dogs, and suffered strange symptoms and madness.

For the next 200 years, vampire dog attacks have sporadically appeared. Like today's Chupacabra attacks, the vampire dog attacks come in waves. They're devastating at the time, often taking dozens of livestock and whipping people into a panic, but the soon halt. Whatever is going on, it's clear we're not dealing with a species that feeds on blood to survive generation after generation. Could we be dealing with a mutant? A disease? A madness? Malnutrition? The Supernatural? Could something be driving otherwise normal canines to become vampires?

Here's one of the Texas Chupe specimens. It's DNA showed it was most likely a coyote, but the muzzle is much thicker and the canine fangs are much longer. While mange may explain hair loss, something else would need to explain the changes to this "coyotes" teeth and snout.

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Monster Monday Special Report - Bigfoot Corpse Found in Georgia (Russians send troops to fight bigfo [14 Aug 2008|04:47pm]


bigfoot_wideweb__470x379,0, originally uploaded by Boju.

Another special report from Dapper Cadaver's Monster Monday Blog. A couple of hunters are claiming to have found the body of a bigfoot in the backwoods of Georgia, USA. Good, lets see the body. They'll announce their findings this Friday in Palo Alto, CA, including DNA evidence, and I should hope, the body itself. So far all that's been released is the above photo.

The claims and the evidence for Bigfoot.
1. The Photo- photos are not proof. Plain and simple. The above photo could be fake, or it could be real, and unless you can spot something absolute like a zipper, there's not much we can say about it. Props and costumes are designed to look real, so there's not reason it can't be a fake. Also, real things can easily appear fake in photographs, like the below gorilla corpse

2. DNA - Seems fool proof, but even this is going to be a tricky sell. Quick DNA tests are used to determine what something is NOT, so they're compared against known samples. Since bigfoot is an unknown sample, they'll need to sequence a lot of DNA to show that this is a new species. For comparison, the Chupacabra specimens that were found showed a 98% match with Coyotes, leading experts to conclude they were coyotes. While 98% sounds like a lot, remember that Humans share 98% of the genome of a chimpanzee. even 2% is talking about hundreds of thousands of different genes. Enough to establish a species.

3. The body. This is the only thing that counts. We need to see bones. We need to see stomach contents. We need to know this is a beast physically different from other apes and humans, and by it's stomach determine that it did in fact live in Georgia.

4. The finders - these guys are known bigfoot hunters, and known bigfoot haoxsters. One of them has a book coming out soon, so this could all be free publicity. It's already been revealed that the "Scientist" in their you tube video was a fraud. Sure, they spend a lot of time looking for bigfoot, but they also have falsely claimed to have evidence before.

That's pretty much everything to keep in mind. Many a bigfoot has been seen in the south east, and a friend of mine from Louisiana is the only person I know who swears to have seen one. His description of a 7 foot reddish brown ape with 4-5" inch shaggy fur, a black face, and a beard quite accurately matches the beast found. And he saw his more than 20 years ago. I myself doubted the existence of bigfoot until a few years ago. Any creature that large, whether alive or extinct, should have left bones, and up until a few years ago, no ape or human skeleton taller than modern man had ever been found. Even neanderthals, who are larger than us in many ways, are roughly the same height as us. Then they found the jawbones of Gigantopithecus, a 7 - 10 ft tall ape that lived a hundred thousand years ago in China. Now bigfoot has a plausible descent. Unlike modern apes and humans that eat fruits, vegetables, meat, and tender leafs, Giganto evolved to eat tough plants, like bamboo, grass, mature leaves, and pine needles. It's entirely likely this beast could survive in the southern swamps and northern woods. And as similar as it is in diet to the Panda, it could be similar too in it's elusive behavior. The Panda was not proven to exist until the 1927.
Here's a reconstruction of what Giganto was thought to look like

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Monster Mondays: The Monster of Troy Mystery [12 Aug 2008|06:09pm]


monster of troy, originally uploaded by Boju.

First off, I'd like to thank everyone who contributed to the Montauk Monster identification last week. High resolution photos were finally released, clearly showing raccoon paws. Congratulations if you correctly IDed the beast as a raccoon.

The response was incredible, and several new and plausible theories were brought forward, so this week, the Dapper Cadaver Blog would like to invite you to help unravel one of the most ancient monster mysteries in history - The Monster of Troy. Depicted on a Greek vase circa 560-540 BC, a huge, ghastly skull is seen emerging from a cliff as the heroes shot it with arrows. Its unusual in that most monsters of the Greeks are shown alive, enacting myths. This may be an actual record of a monster skull, a fossil skull, be unearthed, and I believe in good enough detail to positively ID the beast.

Important to note is that the Monster of Troy is sometimes described as a land monster, and sometimes as a sea monster, so we can't rule either out. It's known that the Greeks unearthed many ice age mammal skeletons, but the open boney ring around the eye, called scleral ossicles are only found in birds, dinosaurs, and reptiles, and the open sinus in front of the eye suggests a dinosaur or bird.

Paleontologists have suggested some of the following possibilities
Prehistoric Giraffes

Giraffes do have forward facing teeth and thick jaw bones. However, they don't have open sinuses or scleral ossicles, and they do have horns, which a monster artist would have included.

A Giant Ostrich

Aside from the scleral ossicles, which are so delicate they're rarely preserved, I don't see how anyone could mistake an ostrich for the monster of Troy.

A Prehistoric Whale

This is a pretty good sea monster. It's huge, has forward facing teeth, and an open sinus. However, no scleral ossicles because no mammal has the bony eye ring.

Click here to see the rest of the suspects

And be sure to post a comment if you think you can help solve this ancient mystery.

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Montauk Monster [02 Aug 2008|03:44pm]


montauk monster 1, originally uploaded by Boju.

Special Weekend report from Dapper Cadaver's Monster Mondays

Early last week a hairless beast, roughly 3 feet long washed up on Montauk beach near Long Island. It was named the Montauk Monster. Multiple witnesses at various times during the day reported it, and several people photographed it. However, before the body could be analyzed, one of the locals scooped it up declaring they were going to mount it on their wall. This leaving no body, an unsolved mystery, and an internet sensation.

Here's what we know. The beast is about 3 feet long, nearly hairless, with what appears to be a beak lined with teeth in the lower jaw. It has a tail, no obvious injuries, and apparently finger like claws. Two photographs show the creature at different times of day, and in different positions. Locals reported the waves were rolling it. Here's the second photo, although they may be of different beasts.

If this is the same beast, it's important to note it has a nasal opening and ears, like a mammal. The change in color is baffling though.

Several theories have surfaced as to what the Montauk Monster is. I'll examine them from an anatomical perspective one by one.

1. It's a sea turtle that's lost it's shell

Evidence for: It's about the size of a sea turtle, it has a beak.

Evidence against: It has hair, ears, and teeth. It's elbows point back, while a reptiles elbows point up. Also, a turtles shell contains it's spine and ribs. It can't simply fall out, and if it was ripped out, its back would be a bloody shapeless mess.

My Opinion: It's definitely not a sea turtle

2. It's a raccoon

Evidence for: It's about the size of a raccoon. The beak is probably exposed skull (not unusual) The lower jaw dentation match the dentation of a raccoon. Both the monster and raccoons have fingers.

Evidence against: Raccoon paws are actually more like human or monkey hands, these hands appear straight , square, and thumbless, and if you look closely, he's flipping you off. Nearly all carnivores have similar lower jaws. No upper teeth. Most importantly his neck is thicker than his head, indicating he couldn't look all the way to the side (90'). Raccoons have slim, flexible necks. For comparison, here's a raccoon skull, and a raccoon taxidermy form showing what they look like beneath their fur.

My opinion: It's not a raccoon

3. It's a pit bull

Evidence for: size and shape, lower jaw. Thick neck.

Evidence against: No upper teeth, and most importantly, the hands of the Montauk Monster appear finger/claw-like, not paw/pad-like.

My opinion: It's not a pit bull.

4. It's a fake

Evidence for: cynicism, monsters are hot right now.

Evidence against: So many unconnected witnesses, it would have to be quite a conspiracy, with a great prop building budget, and for no obvious gain.

My opinon: It's not a fake.

My theory- it's a badger

Evidence for: Badgers have matching lower dentation, thick necks, and straight claw like fingers. They also do have tails, although they're hard to see when the badger has fur. Also, most mammals have skin pigmentation that in some way correlates with their fur cover. The white haunches and paws of this creature match the white underbelly of a badger.

Evidence against: Badgers aren't supposed to live in the North East.

Badger with fur, showing tail

Badger skull

Furless body form used for badger taxidermy, not the similarities to the monster

5. It's an unknown creature.

Evidence for: There is no perfect match between the Montauk Monster and any known North Eastern carnivores.

6. NEW THEORY - It's a nutria or other large water rodent.

Evidence for: it was found in the water. Similar paws.

Evidence against: Too large, wrong anatomy, completely mismatched skull

My Opinion: It's not a nutria.

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Monster Mondays: The Flathead Lake Monster [29 Jul 2008|10:12am]


monster4, originally uploaded by Boju.

As part of the Dapper Cadaver Blog's Monster Monday's project, today i bring you a sea creature from land locked Montana, The Flathead Lake Monster.

The fat and skinny of this beast is a 20-40 foot long creature variously described as a serpent, a fish, a whale, a dragon, and a pleisiosaur (aka Nessie).

It was first seen in 1889 and inhabits Flathead Lake in Montana, the largest lake west of the Mississippi. Since then it has been seen well over 80 reported times. The people of the area keep diligent records on it. It's been three years to this very day since the last sighting, July 28th, 2005.

A moment on the pleisiosaur phenomenon - the fossil record has yielded no evidence of any fresh water pleisiosaurs ever. However, nearly all lake monster are described as pleisiosaurs. What makes the pleisiosaur so special, so iconic, that it has burned itself into our collective unconscious as "The Sea Monster" is, I believe, a matter of timing. The pleisiosaur is the first "dinosaur" (technically marine reptile) ever discovered. It's unveiling marked the first time post enlightenment man was confronted with undeniable evidence that here there be dragons. We're so used to the idea of dinoasurs and giants in the distant past that we cannot begin to understand the impact the first one had on our consciousness, especially in 1824, at a time when science and rationalism explicitly made it a mission of dispelling myth and superstition. Since then, all sea monsters look like pleisiosaurs some of the time.

Aside from the normal lake monster stuff- sightings by fishermen, campers, and motorists; no attacks, no photos, and no evidence- The Flathead Lake Monster has a remarkable talent for branding. It's the only Lake Monster I'm aware of that's both Registered and incorporated It also has it's own brand of soda, which is very sweet, quite a bargain, and not very good monster bait.

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Monster Mondays: Ebu Gogo [22 Jul 2008|12:46pm]


ebugogo2, originally uploaded by Boju.

When Captain Cook first landed on the Isle of Flores and brought the island to attention of the Western world, the natives told him they were not alone.

They said the island was also inhabited by little people calle Ebu Gogo or Ebu Gobo.

Later anthroplogists gathered more stories of the Ebu Gogo. Ebu means grandmother, and while Gogo or Gobo has no direct translation, it roughly means little grandmother who eats everything. Unlike the little people of Ireland and elsewhere, the Ebu Gogo had no magical powers. The natives considered them at best a pest, and a worst a dangerous boogie man that would eat children. They were only a few feet tall, with large arms and other monkey like traits, but not quite monkeys, and not quite people. They spoke their own language and wore clothing.

The natives tell their children not to wander in the woods or the Ebu Gogo will eat them.

The natives also say how the last Ebu Gogo died.

The Ebu Gogo had become an increasing nuisance in the village, stealing crops and livestock and damaging property. The villages wanted to make peace with them, so they invited them to a festival. A great bonfire was lit, and though the Ebu Gogo seemed to fear the fire, they all sat around it, human and little person alike. Then the foods were served. The Ebu Gogo did not know how to use plates or silverware, and through their utensils to the ground, which was a great insult to their hosts. They then ate everything, their share and the villagers share alike. One Ebu Gogo grabbed a human baby, and began eating that. At once the Ebu Gogo were chased out of town, where they holed up in a cave. The humans did not want to go in the cave, for they might be trapped, so they came up with a plan.

The next day they came to the mouth of the cave and told the Ebu Gogo that they wanted to make peace again, and they brough new clothes as a peace offering. With long bamboo poles they pushed in the clothing, which the Ebu Gogo began putting on. The clothes however were soaked in the natives lighter fluid type oil, and when all the Ebu Gogo were dressed the human burned the bamboo poles and lit all the Ebu Gogo on fire, burning them alive.

Up until 2 years ago the stories were considered to be about fantastical fairies, or monkeys, even though the natives insisted they were people.

Then a skull turned up in a cave belonging to a human less then 3 feet tall with a brain no bigger than a chimpanzee. Even dwarfs of similar stature only have brains about 15% smaller than a full size person, but this person had a brain nearly half our size. At first the evidence seemed to support it being a freak, a microcephalic individual, but then more bones turned up. In all 9 tiny individuals have been unearthed, stretching a time span of thousands of years. The youngest specimen dates back merely 12,000 years at a time when humans were thought to be the lone hominid on earth, and we had already begun agriculture.

The bones have been named Flores Man, and nicknamed the Hobbit.
They seem to be descendant from Homo Erectus.

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Monster Hunting in Los Angeles [05 Jul 2008|06:03pm]


10. Bigfoot

You make think Bigfoots are only a Northwoods beast, but Los Angeles has 3 distinct breeds of city ape. The first is your standard bigfoot, 6-11 ft tall shaggy gigantopithecus. The first sighting came in 1973 when a full sized Macho Sasquatcho chased down a pick up truck out in San Fernando Valley. The beast got close enough to the vehicle that they could smell its breath, which they later told reporters was "stinky." In 1974 a bigfoot was actually seen in the city, between 45th st and 47th st on Quartz Hill.

Best places to go bigfoot hunting: Big Rock Canyon in San Fernando Valley, Quartz Hill in the San Gabriel Mountains, Azusa at the San Gabriel Mountain Foothills, Campgrounds in Santa Clarita, Elizabeth Lake, Lancaster.

9. Skunk Ape

Bigfoots little brother is most commonly sighted in Florida, but he's also been seen in Palos Verdes and Redondo Beach, moving in and out of the suburbs via the sewers and knocking over trash cans for food. Skunk ape stands about 4 to 5 feet tall and reeks.

Best Place to go Skunk Ape hunting: Palos Verdes near the Dominator shipwreck. Redondo beach fields and suburbs at night.

8. The Beast of Billiwhack

The third kind of LA bigfoot might not be an ape at all. Seen once in Santa Paula and once in nearby Ojai, the Billiwhack beast has an shaggy, grey-black ape-like body, but an extended muzzle and goat like horns. It may be related to the Krampus or Wampa. Known to raid farms for chicken, corn, and dairy products.

Best places to go Billiwhack hunting: The Billiwhack Dairy in Aliso Canyon, Santa Paula, farms and forests in the San Rafael mountains and Ojai.

Beasts 7 through 1 after the cut, including a real live Sea Serpent

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Monster Mondays - Diplocaulus [30 Jun 2008|06:42pm]


diplo, originally uploaded by Boju.

As part of the the Dapper Cadaver Blogs Monster Mondays, today I bring you the Hammerhead Salamander, a creature from 300 million years ago, modern Japan, outer space, Marsascala, or in Bahrija, depending on what you believe.

Fact, the Diplocaulus was not a salamander at all, as he pre-dates them by several million years, he's an early tetrapod, a fish-amphibian with 4 legs that were the first vertebrates to climb onto the muddy shores of the primordial seas. His distinctive hammer head is believed to be an adaptation for hydroplaning through the water, or to make him hard to swallow, but it's really not known. Diplocaulus were about 2 to 4 feet in length.

The photo above was taken in 2004. Making this little guy a real survivor, if he's real. Most people believe the photo is a hoax, although that itself is an amazing thing. Every weekend cryptologist wants to find or fake bigfoot or the Loch Ness monster, but the Diplocaulus? Sure its weird looking, but no ones ever heard of them. You've got to admire the geekiness as well as the artsmanship of the faker, if this is a fake.

The most common explanation is that it was made from a model kit or by a Japanese sculptor, although a search for the artist yelded nothing, I did find one commercially available Diplo model in Japan.

Clearly not the same. The origins of this photo remain a mystery, and Diplo's remain probably extinct.

Diplo's have also turned up in space, as monsters in Pitch Black

But more often they're chubby giant amphibians that are only menacing to small fish and have the weirdest head of any four legged animal ever. Their < a href=http://www.dappercadaver.com/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=skull&x=0&y=0>skull</a> is just a bone boomerang with cartoon eye holes

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Sad Explanations for Supernatural Phenomena [08 May 2008|12:58am]

Sad Explanations for Supernatural Phenomena

It's a comedy article, but it's on-topic.

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Strange Answers: "What's Wrong with Henry?" [01 May 2008|07:05pm]


Henry 29, originally uploaded by Boju.

Of all the causes of death I've recreated over the years none raises more questions than the case of poor Harry (Henry) Eastlack.

I created the Henry skeleton for a set based on the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia, where the real Harry Eastlack resides. Harry was born normal except for a big toe only slightly too large and irregular.

At age ten the muscle and flesh around his bones began turning to bone, a process called "Ossification" and sometimes poetically referred to as flesh turning to stone. Ossification is a normal process for growing and healing bones, but in Harry's case it was running amok. The disease Harry had was named Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva. The first symptom was bony nodules on his neck and shoulders, which when removed, triggered the growth of large nodules. Shortly after the onset of Ossification, Harry was unable to move any part of his body except his lips, and he was hard as wood to the touch.

Harry died 43 years later of pneumonia and willed his unique body to the Mutter Museum. Here's the real Harry's skeleton

FOP Ossification remains with us today and still has not been cured

Joseph Merrick, the Elephant Man, did not have FOP Ossification. He was once considered to have been afflicted with either elephantiasis or neurofibromatosis type I or the very rare Proteus syndrome or perhaps a combination of the later two conditions.

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Hello to The unexplained community [21 Apr 2008|04:43pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

Hello i am the moderator of this community. I would like to apoligize for the now FORMER MEMBER blogavad gita. Seems has offended some of you here. Well i have kicked him out of the community the only way for him to come back is if i aprove him. My community is now a community that you must get approved to join. So i suppose that means i have to come back to LJ time to time to check on any idiots that are exploiting and harrassing any of my innocent nice members.

Once again sorry for the nonsense.....Clear the air and let it be known he is gone.

Take care until next time.....


The Queen of Decay ^V^

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[21 Apr 2008|08:19am]

Please call this number if you are willing to take part in a large group that has existed for decades. We are a 'secret society' known as Erus Rector or The Masters.

We are currently warring with Neurocam and Yellow-1.

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Paranormal Creatures Part 1 [13 Apr 2008|11:34am]

Interesting video ... includes mermaids!

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Alien fleets are coming to Earth. [09 Apr 2008|08:12pm]

In less then 6 months a whole bunch of ships is going to labnd on earth from Alpha-Z or maybe some other planet, populated by greys/Saurians. Reptilian, some nords (lots of them) and odd Martian or two (very odd) are all part of one conspiracy. Jihad seems to be the hand of the whole plot, they are going to weaken us emotionally and spiritually and prepare for beign enslaved by aliens.

Most of the grey aliens are goign to disguise themselves as humans, except when feeding, and pose as Christians, priests and teachers. They already have worked out a very complicated and detailed plan, it is scary how vcarefully orchestrated and rehearsed the whole thign is.

The scary thign is they are gonna be here in less than 6 months, and no one on earth knows about it or believes that it is gonna happen (this+ slavery, degradation, being killed and devoured the way abducted cows are, being cruelly tortured - greys are incredibly sadistic). And the space lizards are counting on us not knowing about them, not talking between each another about them, and being nice and obedient to them when they arrive. That's why I think we should global terrorist-attack idicator to code orange or code red and talk about it, and maybe petition US government to destroy all alien labs on Earth and in US, and end contracts which allow greys to visit earth and occasionally collect experimental material.

there's a text on sacred-texts.com, under ufo, forward slash "conspire.htm"

also, to see what the kizards have been up to between themselves the live journal name of their community is unitarian_jihad .

Please don't just sleep, do something!

P>S. Also, they might blow up continent of America if they manage to lay their hands on the necessary stuff.

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[07 Apr 2008|07:46pm]

[ mood | curious ]


LONGITUDES & LATITUDES IN THE U.S. – 1945 - $10 plus $5 postage & handling
KNIGHTS OF THE SOLAR CROSS BY GEOFF SMITH 1981,1982,1983 - $12 plus $5 postage & handling
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SERVANT OF THE BONES – 1996 – hardcover autographed by the author $25 plus $5.99 postage & handling
VITORIO THE VAMPIRE – 1999 – hardcover - $9.95 plus $3.99 postage & handling
MEMNOCH THE DEVIL -1995 – 1st edition hardcover - $9.95 plus $3.99 postage and handling
[ALL FOUR ANNE RICE BOOKS ABOVE TOGETHER - $49.95 PLUS $12.99 postage & handling]

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The Infamous South American Gnome [20 Mar 2008|08:05pm]

You've probably already seen this, but if not:

Call for Sherlock Gnomes

COPS in a town plagued by sightings of a creepy 'gnome' have launched a full-scale investigation - after records showed locals have reported seeing the creature for DECADES.

The knee-high person - who wears a pointy hat and has a distinctive sideways walk – was caught on video two weeks ago by a terrified group of youngsters.

Millions of stunned people viewed the chilling clip after The Sun reported the tale - with some sceptics claiming the footage just showed a dwarf causing mischief.

But detectives in the Argentinean town of General Guemes have dubbed the gnome the new 'Bigfoot' after hundreds of locals reported actually seeing the creature at least once in their lifetime.

Only weeks before it was captured on camera, spooked rail workers called the police to say they had spotted the crab-walking gnome side-stepping its way around the train tracks at night.

National newspaper El Tribuno has reported that fear is now so widespread that the town mayor Salta has been inundated with calls from terrified locals and has launched a full scale police enquiry into the affair.

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New Here [08 Mar 2008|11:27pm]

Hi my names Chantell, I'm 22 and I just joined this community. Anyway. Here's a story I'd like to share. My dad told me this when I was little.
He said it felt like an outer body expierance.

He was resting on the couch in the living room of my childhood home, which was his as well. He suddenly felt like his spirit left his body. He said it felt like he was inbetween R.E.M Sleep and the waking world at the same time. He walked out onto our front pourch where there was a big bush on the side as you would look out into the veiw, but it wasn't in his vision. Then three years later my grampa cuts down the bush. Coincidence?

As the expeirance contiued my dad looked up into the sky as three
F-Fourteens flew over our house. This was, if I remember correctly, ten years before he saw them on the news. Coincidence?

This next vision freaks me out as I think about how the world is today. As he stared up into the sky there was a sudden bright flash as if the force of a dozen Atomic bombs went off at the same time. The sky turned white and then dark. My dad walked back into the living and it felt like his spirit just re-entered his body. Then he woke up.

Man, I just gave myself chills. *Shiver*

What's your take on this? I'd really like to know.

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